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The Next Frontier

Nov 7, 2018

Today, we have five generations participating simultaneously in the workforce and with that comes conflicting beliefs and values; technology playing an important factor. Author, speaker and coach Tim Dean has built his career around understanding generational differences, and in this episode, he and host Bill Coppel – Managing Director and Chief Client Growth Officer at First Clearing – examine these differences and consider how we can leverage generational diversity in the workplace.

A generation is generally defined as a birth cohort of individuals who share social, political and economic events, and Tim Dean explains how technology has been added as another defining event for the millennial generation. It’s pretty evident that these events create differences between generations, and that’s especially visible in the workplace. Tim describes how millennials not only desire to be coached versus managed, they also want others to care about them as a whole person, and place a greater importance on a company’s values and social impacts than previous generations. Each generation comes with its own stereotypes and they will always exist; however, Tim advises that we first acknowledge them but then quickly set them aside and find ways to harness the unique strengths of that generation. This will lead to more cohesiveness and trust in the workplace, and creates an environment open to better collaboration and shared learnings.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What defines each generation
  • The different ways generations think about work
  • What drives millennials and how technology has shaped their generation
  • What it means to be living in a post-truth era
  • Why millennials are the least trusting generation
  • The most productive way to approach generational stereotypes
  • The difference between management and coaching

Tim Dean has built his career around understanding generational differences, speaking nationally on the topic and teaching how to leverage generational diversity at the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Mo. Coaching is an integral skillset and approach to this. Tim founded his company, The Coaching Dean, to provide an individualized and holistic coaching approach, which has helped clients across the globe achieve their professional and personal goals. 

Ways to contact Tim:

  • Website:
  • LinkedIn: Tim J. Dean
  • Twitter: @timdeanstl


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