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The Next Frontier

May 6, 2019

We often think communication is as natural as walking, but really, it requires much thoughtfulness and preparation. With vastly different communication practices across generations and an overwhelming amount of distraction in today’s digital landscape, we must learn to adapt and step out of our comfort zones. In this episode, author and coach Matt Abrahams joins Bill Coppel to discuss how we can be more effective communicators.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

·         Key factors to getting your audience’s attention

·         The connection between mindfulness and effective communication

·         What it will look like to have 5 different generations in the workplace

·         Ways to manage our anxiety about speaking in public

·         Suggestions for practicing speaking and presentations

·         How different generations interact in face-to-face communication

·         The 3 steps to becoming a more effective communicator


Matt Abrahams is a writer, educator, scholar and coach in the area of communication. As co-founder of BoldEcho, a communication coaching consulting practice, Matt leads workshops and coaches individuals to deliver more confident and compelling presentations. He has also published a book, Speaking Up Without Freaking Out, and curated a collection of resources on his blog to help people manage anxiety and become more comfortable in their speaking.  


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Books: Speaking Up Without Freaking Out