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The Next Frontier

Sep 23, 2020

Starting the year with a plan is a time-honored tradition, but in the blink of an eye, our 2020 plans were upended by a global pandemic. Recorded in late July, Sam Fiorello, President & CEO of the Cortex Innovation Community, joins host Bill Coppel - Managing Director & Chief Client Growth Officer at First Clearing - to explore new ways to think about planning in a world of perpetual uncertainty and accelerating change.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to re-assess priorities and course-correct as needed
  • Why having a compelling value proposition still matters
  • Ways to remain productive – and even innovate - in unfamiliar territory

 Sam is president and CEO of the Cortex Innovation Community, a 200-acre urban hub of innovation and entrepreneurship that sits at the center of fintech, biotech, healthcare, and academia. With more than 400 companies in its ecosystem, St. Louis-based Cortex is nationally and internationally recognized for accelerating high-growth startups and advancing innovation within established businesses.

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