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The Next Frontier

Apr 21, 2021

Today, what it means to serve clients extends beyond money management. Advisors’ own life perspectives and lessons are now informing the way we approach the business. In this episode, David Hohimer - Founder and Managing Partner at Hohimer Wealth Management - joins host Bill Coppel - Managing Director and Chief Client Growth Officer at First Clearing - to explore how authenticity can enhance the value we create as advisors.

In this episode, you’ll hear:
• What authenticity looks like in a financial advisor
• Key questions that can help you guide clients on a path to well-being
• How an authentic approach can help clients articulate what matters most to them in life

David is the Founder and Managing Partner at Hohimer Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisory firm in downtown Seattle. After 28 years of growing his wealth management business within the confines of a wire house, David established his firm in 2019 to help clients achieve what matters most to them in life. His firm is a natural extension of his personal approach to life, which is centered on building authentic relationships to create a client experience that's not only about numbers, but where people, family, and community come first.

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