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The Next Frontier

Nov 20, 2019

People are living longer than ever before. In fact, most of us are going to have an extra 20 years of life that we didn’t necessarily plan for.  Founder and CEO of Caregiving Club Sherri Snelling, joins host Bill Coppel, Managing Director and Chief Client Growth Officer at First Clearing, to discuss how financial advisors can help clients not only prepare for retirement but better understand the impact of these bonus years.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What advisors are doing to help clients prepare for retirement and longevity
  • The meaning of the term financial gerontologist and why it’s important for advisors
  • Ways to reframe life after retirement
  • Which stage exists beyond “self-actualization” in the hierarchy of needs.
  • The two elements advisors should consider when helping guide clients on their wealthspan of life
  • What it takes to achieve optimal wellness
  • The three questions to ask to a client transitioning into retirement


Sherri Snelling is the founder and CEO of Caregiving Club, a strategic consulting firm focused on the $20 billion caregiver health and wellness industry and the $7 trillion longevity economy. She is also the chief strategy and gerontology advisor for the VR immersive training platforms, Embodied Labs and author of A Cast of Caregivers: Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care. As a gerontologist and national care-giving expert, Sherri has been featured on many news networks and is a contributing columnist in a variety of publications. Sherri holds a master's degree in gerontology from the University of Southern California, the number one gerontology school in the nation, and a BA in journalism and political science from USC.


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