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The Next Frontier

Dec 16, 2020

In a world of perpetual uncertainty and accelerating change, holistic advice and guidance become even more valuable. In this episode, Tony Sirianni, Publisher & Owner of AdvisorHub, joins host Bill Coppel - Managing Director & Chief Client Growth Officer at First Clearing - to explore new approaches to delivering value for an industry in transition.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Macro trends driving the business of advice
  • How changing client demand is shaping advisor behavior
  • Industry predictions for 2021 and beyond

Tony Sirianni is the publisher and owner of AdvisorHub, a leading financial services news website. A 29-year veteran of the industry, he is the former managing partner of Sirianni Strategy Group, was president of Steward Partners Consulting Solutions, and was a founding partner of two RIA firms—Steward Partners Holdings and Washington Wealth Management, where he was also CEO. Previous to these roles, Tony held leadership positions at Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Legg Mason, Crestar Bank, Mass Mutual Insurance, and Oppenheimer Funds, and was a broker at Merrill Lynch. His podcast, The Tony Sirianni Podcast: An Industry in Transition, attracts leaders of the nation's largest advisor firms as guests.

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